What We Do.

Design Koon has abundant design experiences in different design fields such as Web Design, and Graphic Design, acquired through our cooperations with diverse global clients in different industies. Design Koon strategies and excellence of design have managed to impress the most demanding clients from all over the world.

  • We love products that work perfectly and look beautiful.
  • We create base on a deeply analysis of your project.
  • We are create design with really high quality standards.

Design Koon vision is to make users happy with the design grounded on customer’s needs, emotions and behaviors, which would lead to the realization of enhanced brand value of a company for successful business management.

The core identity of brand is coherently applied in product, sight and communication design to make customers aware the unique brand whenever they come across with any touch point. Based on the Design Koon original flexible, systematic and creative process, Design Koon improves customers’ experiences, enhances the company’s brand value and enables company to maximize the return of Investment.


Design philosophy of Design Koon is to convey the highest satisfaction through realizing integration of not only aesthetic but also internal value through customer-centered creative design perspectives.

To communicate through design with users, designs that could understand and care the users are needed. Design Koon offers satisfying results to customers taking not only visible quantitative insight but also foresight based on invisible users’ experiences into consideration. By providing not mere designs but business solutions for customers, Design Koon seeks to be an integrating consulting company. Design Koon consulting mechanism is to discuss with customers on how much profit new products would produce and to prospect what kind of business and brand would have linkages with each other by conducting market research.


Based on the induced insights and foresights and through workshops and ideation activities, different opportunity areas are discovered. Additionally, future directions of design through which company seeks to communicate with customers are defined by conducting researches on the company and interviews and workshops with company’s officers. With the outcomes from previous processes, future scene/scenario are developed and the most creative and reasonable future scene is selected to suggest a concept design with various ideas and solutions for realization of the future.